Video Editing Course (Sony Vegas Pro + Studio)

VideoLifestyle Editing Course SGD$500/-

So, you know how to shoot…Well, what’s next? There is a saying that goes, If it ain’t edited, it ain’t worth watching! Well, how true is that? I guess the answer to that question lies in what I am about to ask you next.

Have you watch any professional produced production on TV, the silver screen, via cable, YouTube unedited?  The answer is obviously NO!  Videos that aren’t edited are never really worth watching. It is boring as well as dull and unless you are simply a person who has no idea about what a good production is all about, I guess you will have some idea what I am talking about.

Once you have acquired and shot that lovely footage with your camcorder, the next step you should undoubtedly take,  should be editing that lovely video.

I cannot begin to emphasize the importance of editing your videos. Even if you are a good videographer but do not edit your footage, in my honest opinion, you have only halve the battle won. Video editing completes the cycle and seals that broken link.

We, the people at Videolifestyle, have trained numerous people from all walks of life, the total novice, beginners as well as those who want to add that extra spice to their video editing experience. Our clients consist of corporate clients, real estate agents, internet marketer, serious hobbyist, production houses as well as the odd housewife.

Depending on the requirements of each individual client, VideoLifestyle offers hands on” One to One” video editing courses as well as specially tailoured ones for specific groups and individuals who want to go that extra mile.

We are indeed proud to say that many successful individuals have benefited from our video editing courses cashing in on a lucrative side income, shooting events as well as many wedding videographers.

For those who plan to purchase an NLE solution and do not own one, please do allow us to help you in deciding one that will fit your workflow and application.

For those who already own an NLE and have problem using it, book a course with us now and wait no longer, Let us unleash the world of digital media in your life and wait no more!

Why A VideoLifestyle Editing Course?

Unlike the conventional approach conducted by other training establishments in a classroom environment, our courses are strongly prooven to work with this successful form of teaching. Conducted on a “one to one” basis and with very much a hands-on approach, our courses are surely guranteed to bring the individual to the next level of video creation.

The beginning and start to creating professional high end looking videos. So, start producing and adding the finishing touches to the videos that you have shot and make them the hot topic of that evening. There is nothing more rewarding than seing you guest or your clients drool over your creation or masterpiece.

Courses we conduct:

Adobe Premier CS Pro
Vegas Professional + DVD Architect
Vegas Movie Studio
Edius Professional
Avid Liquid Pro

VideoLifestyle Editing Course SGD$500/-


Redzuan from the organization M.U.I.S trying hands-on the SONY VEGAS PLATINUM software at the Videolifestyle premises.

Eric Liu from The People's Association posing for a photo after his video editing and videography course completion from VideoLifestyle and receiving his VideoLifestyle certification.

IDRC Dream Team posing with their certificates here with trainer Derek Yeo aka VideoCobra after the video editing and videography intermediate sessions.

Video Editing Course Syllabus:

Interface Familarity

Buttons, Functions,

Navigation, Settings



Project Navigation

Importing Video,

Organising Clips


Previewing Files


Multiple Windows


Editing Basics

Trimming Clips

Playback Speed

Capturing Still Images

Inserting Colour Image

Clip Effects,

Basic Colour Correction

KeyFrames, Fades

Dissolves, Transitions

Video Filters & Effects


Titling & Overlays

Overlay: Video

Image and Text


Title Animation Effects



Inserting Music, Inserting Voice Overlays, Audio Clip Trimming, Audio Mixing


Finalizing The Project

Rendering, Mutiple Formats, Exporting of Movie, DVD, Blu-ray and YouTube


Note: We highly recommend our videography training course first before taking up our video editing course. If you are new to the digital video production we will gurantee you success and satisfaction with our courses. Call us today at 96616196 for more information or drop us an email at

4 Comments on "Video Editing Course (Sony Vegas Pro + Studio)"

  1. paula tan 6 December 2012 at 5:10 pm ·

    i m using apple computer. is your software can be used in my computer ?

  2. paula tan 6 December 2012 at 5:10 pm ·

    i m using apple computer. is your software can be used in my computer ?

  3. JJ 18 July 2014 at 11:07 pm ·

    Hi , My name is JJ. I have zero knowledge in video editing and also photoshop. May I know if its eligible for me to take up the course? Also , if I have 2-3 more friends who are interested, is there any package if we sign up and take up the course together? Are there also any available slots for the course in July or Aug?

    Thank you

  4. videocobra 29 July 2014 at 7:02 pm ·

    Hello JJ,

    If you interested and with your friend i can give you a 10% discount. I am more or less only conducting courses selectively today and only at my home studio.
    If you are furthre interested please do send future emails to me at for more details.

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